Let me start by saying that I am in no way an expert on this subject, I’m self-taught when it comes to home design.  I will say I consider a passion of mine, so of course I said yes to writing this post.  In breaking down all the top designers and influencers picks, a few common themes reverberated.  They are themes that we all crave and need in our spaces now more than ever, they are: Comfort, Function, Visual Interest and Play.  Let me break them down for you with some specific visuals.


We all need to be comforted, even more so during a global pandemic.  So why not make your home comfort you?  Rich tones and warm textures wrap you up in a big bear hug.  Here’s an example of textural warmth in the form of layered textures. For other textural elements, think wall treatments like over-grout, muddied vases, natural elements (wood, stone) and dramatic textiles like boucle, velvet and faux fur. 

Image via Studio Mcgee.


We all need our homes to function better than ever.  I think we’ll be seeing more and more “choose your own adventure” types of rooms.  Think office/guest bedroom, playroom/exercise room, living room/study space.  We’re all trying to maximize our home’s potential. 

Image via The Haven List.


Nobody wants to live in a boring house.  I’m not saying stimulate all of your sense by painting everything neon pink (please don’t), but I do think we’ll see a lot more thoughtful, subtle details in home designs.  Think more detailed trim work, more ornate fixtures.  A vintage revival perhaps?  I’ve heard trend this likened to “granny chic”.  I like to think of it as bringing back the classics. 

Image via Vintage Revivals.


When things are feeling a little heavy and chaotic, we yearn for what can bring us joy.  Think of it as the feel-good news article, but for your home.  You can bring in “play” in many different ways, like patterns, fun colors, happy art prints, or even literal play – carve out a board game area or an art station, think kid-focused design, even if you don’t have kids! 

Image via Anthropologie.

Are you planning any 2021 home updates?  I know I have a running list that I’m always adding to.  Whatever you plan to do, make sure that it brings you joy.  After all your home is just that, yours.  Cheers to happier (and healthier) homes in 2021!