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Jenn Koehler

I grew up in a household of maker’s and doer’s with two headstrong parents and three older siblings to keep me out of trouble and on my toes. By the age of five, I had already witnessed my father build three homes, one of which was our own. We lived in a small town, where ironically there was always something to do and someone to help so by the time I left for college, I was already incredibly familiar with the power of the perfect paint color and the lightheadedness that went along with staining wood trim.  

I dove further into my curiosity and love for visual aesthetics as I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and upon graduation, spent my days working as a designer and art director for both marketing and advertising agencies. Five years into my career, I felt a shift in inspiration, perspective and interests as I realized that I wanted to spend more time diving into the gorgeous world of interior design, styling and home décor. Enter my role as Marketing Communications Specialist, here at Veridian Homes.

When I’m not pinching myself that this is my real job, I can be found indulging in any or all of the amazing restaurants that Madison has to offer, pouring over pages of design magazines, riding my bike around the lake, or spending quality time with my incredible husband, our family and friends.

I am most drawn to clean, modern and simplistic design, and I love helping others recognize and envision the importance of having a space that signifies and celebrates who they are. I truly believe that creating beauty and function within our lives and homes can put us on a path to greater happiness and creativity. I look forward to going down that path a little further each day with you.

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We’re Chelsey Lammers, Jenn Koehler and Stacey Bauer, the voices behind the Veridian Homes Blog. Our mission is to bring you inspiring, yet attainable, content for your current (or future) Veridian Home, and have some fun along the way.

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