Stacey posted last week about our newest Fitchburg neighborhood, Crescent Crossing and it’s unique approach to neighborhood planning and home design. This week, let’s take a look inside the Crescent Crossing home plans. I think you’ll love them, buckle up!

Tour The Tribeca.

Eggs sunny-side up at the sunniest breakfast nook around. Your breakfast nook. Yes, even the coffee tastes better while sipped slowly on the sofa that is anchoring your spacious great room. Why don’t you head on upstairs and grab the coziest robe you can find from your walk-in closet and then enjoy a quick read of the newspaper while out on your front porch. Because this really is all yours. Enjoy life in the Tribeca. Learn more about the details of The Tribeca by clicking here.

Tour The Gramercy.

Your takeout never tasted so good. No, it wasn’t that the food was any different, it was where it was eaten. That’s right, you ate at the best location around, at your brand new kitchen island. The experience that the Gramercy has to offer you is like it was made just for you (because it was!). With an open and airy first floor and three private retreats upstairs, you are exactly where you should be. Welcome home to The Gramercy. Learn more about The Gramercy here.

Tour The Lenox. (Twin Home)

What’s that you say? Two private suites upstairs? Yes please! You got it, the Lenox packs a punch, and quite the luxurious punch at that. With two bedrooms upstairs, each cuddled up to their own connected bathroom, the Lenox offers you the ultimate retreat. Steep yourself some tea and grab your tablet, it’s time to unwind. Breathe in all that the Lenox has to offer you, and then exhale knowingly because this home is so you. Learn more about The Lenox by clicking here.

Tour The Emerson. (Twin Home)

Welcome to easy living, like you’ve never thought possible. The type that’s both laid-back and sophisticated. This smart layout makes use of every inch, offering standard features like a breakfast bar, kitchen pantry and first floor laundry. You’ll welcome guests to hang around a little while longer in the cozy third bedroom, although they will likely envy your own little piece of heaven that is the owner’s suite. Learn more about The Emerson by clicking here.

Tour The Davis. (Twin Home)

Well, now they though of everything. That’s what you’ll be saying to yourself when you start settling into the Davis. With its six closets AND a pantry, you have all the room you need to store whatever your heart desires. So whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, an at home chef extraordinaire, or maybe you just have a lot of toys that need storing, the Davis lets you tuck away all your goodies. It’s time to start fresh, and decluttered, with the Davis. Learn about The Davis here.

Did any of these plans steal your heart? Connect with one of our New Home Specialists today to talk through details of our homebuying process. Or, shoot us an email at Virtual appointments encouraged! Stay safe!