Hey guys!  We know it’s difficult to plan a trip (especially right now!), so we’ve put together some of our favorite finds for backyard camping.  The good news is, if it gets too cold or buggy, you can just head inside your gorgeous Veridian home.  From pudgy pies to styling sleeping bags, we have you covered.  Check out our top picks below!

  1. Sustainable Paper Plates.  How cool are these sugarcane plates from Ever Spring?  They’re sure to make messy camp clean-up a breeze, just toss them in the fire when you’re done.  Available at Target.
  2. Cherry Pie Filling.  Pudgy pies are a classic campfire delicacy, step up your game with this filling made with Door County Cherries.  Available at DoorCountyCoffee.com.
  3. Mid-Century Modern Firepit.  A campfire while camping goes without saying, right?  This firepit allows you to have yours in style.  Available at Wayfair.
  4. Bug Keeper.  If kiddos will be joining in on your backyard excursion, they’re going to want to catch lightning bugs.  Who are we kidding, you might want to too!  This handy keeper will let you view them safely, just be sure to let them go when your finished checking them out!  Available at Walmart.
  5. Pudgy Pie Maker.  You’ll need one of these to “bake” your perfect cherry campfire pie.  Available at Farm and Fleet.
  6. Canteen.  Make sure you stay hydrated while you’re outside, especially in Wisconsin’s summer heat.  This cute little canteen is the perfect solution.  Available at Target.
  7. Rechargeable Lantern.  Sure, you could use a flashlight, but isn’t a lantern so much more fun?  Available at REI.
  8. Tent.  Of course, you’ll need a tent.  This guy is half price right now!  Available at Walmart.
  9. S’mores Caddy.  They really have thought of everything…  This s’mores caddy has all that you need to make those ooey gooey treats in one handy container.  Available at Farm and Fleet.
  10. Sleeping Bag.  Keep warm and cozy in this stylish sleeping bag.  Available at LL Bean.

What are your go-to camping essentials?  Share your favorites with us in the comments below.  Happy Camping!