Summer is here! The sun is shining and the warmer weather is a refreshing break from winter, but there can be some long and hot days where no one feels like doing anything. Don’t worry, though, we know of some fun ways that you and your family can cool off and beat the summer heat! Check out these great ideas for summertime family fun.

Slip & Slide
The good old Slip & Slide. Many of us grew up with these and have fun memories of slipping and sliding all over the place. You can buy one or make one using a tarp and a water hose. For variety add some soap for bubbles, sprinklers for more water, and inflatables for some obstacles to go through.

Backyard Water Games
Who doesn’t love backyard water games? I remember many summer days (and nights) having water balloon fights in the backyard, and when we were tired of that we moved onto water balloon baseball. Check out these great ideas for some water balloon fun. And, if it’s extra hot, try this frozen t-shirt racing game: prepare t-shirts by wetting them, wrapping them in wax paper and freezing in the freezer. Once they’re stiff, hand them out and the first person to get his or her frozen t-shirt on wins!

Run Through A Sprinkler
One of the easiest ways to cool off is by running through a sprinkler! Sprinklers have been around forever and people of all ages enjoy cooling off with this summer activity. No sprinkler? Try a homemade bottle sprinkler: simply poke six to eight holes into a two liter bottle, screw the bottle onto the hose with a 3/4-inch adapter, wrap the connection with plumber’s tape, and let the fun begin!

Homemade Ice Cream & DIY Frozen Treats
Ice cream is the classic summer treat and it’s even better when it’s homemade! Try these delicious homemade ice cream recipes, and don’t forget to add in some freshly picked strawberries or keep some of your favorite toppings like crumbled cookies, brownie bits, or M&Ms in the freezer to sprinkle on top. Looking for some more fresh from the freezer treats? Check out these yummy recipes for making your own popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and flavored ice cubes!

Watercolor Chalk
When you get regular sidewalk chalk wet, it transforms into a watercolor-like paint. Start by drawing shapes of color on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk, and then swirl a wet paintbrush into it to create “paint.” Once the kids are done creating their masterpieces, all you have to do is hose off the driveway and the kids!

Ice-Age Archeology
Freeze some of your kids’ toys into a block of ice. Using kid-safe “excavation” tools have them dig out their frozen friends. You can also add food coloring to the water to make it harder to see and more fun to excavate.

Bobbing for Ice Cubes
Fill a small pool with water and several trays of ice cubes. Each person playing has to stand in the water for five minutes, and try to remove as many ice cubes as possible with his/her feet. Whoever removes the most cubes wins.

Indoor Fun (Under A Fan)
Not all summer fun needs to happen outside. Spend quality time together under ceiling fans reading a story, looking at old photographs or putting a puzzle together. If it’s really steamy out you can cool off in front of an ice fan while watching a movie. Just take a bowl full of ice cubes and place it in front of an oscillating fan. You’ll get ice-cold air and a little mist as the cubes melt.

We’d love to hear are you are staying cool this summer. Share in the comments below!