At Veridian, we know how important ease is. That’s why all of our neighborhoods are conveniently located near convenience. Whether you want to be close to schools, parks, restaurants or shopping, our picturesque neighborhoods offer quick and easy access to them all.

If you happen to live in the East Madison or McFarland area, you’re in luck because today we’re going to highlight some of the amazing amenities that fall within the range of our neighborhoods.

For starters, take a look at the map below. You’ll start to see quickly just how close education, parks, recreation, shopping, entertainment, health centers and city resources are to each of our East Madison and McFarland Area neighborhoods.


So how does one go about making the most of these amenities? Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and explore some nearby neighborhood staples. Below are a couple of my favorite places to eat, play, hike, shop and just enjoy the day to day that comes with living in the East Madison/McFarland Area.

Eat – Make the quick trip to the Atwood area for a selection of amazing food, drink and artistic ambiance amongst the local dining scene. Grab lunch or dinner at The Alchemy, a craft beer at One Barrel Brewing Co. or BarleyPop Tap and Shop, then walk off those calories as you stroll through Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Play – I’m not a huge golfer, but I take heart knowing that five golf courses are just a stone’s throw away from our East Madison and McFarland Area neighborhoods. They are perfect for anytime you want to hit the range, or take in the surrounding beauty that comes with each course.

Enjoy – Located on the east side of Lake Waubesa at the outflow of the Yahara River, Babcock Park offers a boat launch, campground and overall beautiful area to spend time in the great outdoors.

Shop – There are plenty of places in East Madison to get your shop on. Whether you’re stopping for groceries at Metro Market, getting side tracked by the dollar section at Target or checking out the season’s latest fashions at the East Towne Mall, there are plenty of shopping options no matter what neighborhood you live in.

Fly – Whether you travel for business or pleasure, enjoy the convenience that comes with being 10-20 minutes away from the Dane County Regional Airport (depending on which of our neighborhoods you live in).

These are just a few of the incredible amenities our city and our neighborhoods offer. We encourage you to get out and explore your favorite parts of your neighborhood and the locations nearby.

And if you prefer to stay closer to home, that’s okay too. Our people-friendly neighborhoods stem from traditional design principles that emphasize walkability and the natural environment so you can enjoy the perks of living in an incredible neighborhood without ever leaving it.