Building a new home for a family is truly incredible thing, and it’s something we don’t take lightly.

Every single home that we build is overseen by a Veridian Homes Personal Builder and only worked on by our experienced and vetted Trade Partners. We know the excitement that goes into a new build, which is why we’ve set-up six walk-throughs for our Homeowners. These are a chance to go through your questions and preview your home. An average walk-through lasts about one or two hours. We encourage you to attend walk-throughs as all of these meetings act as a prerequisite to future dates and meetings. Learn about all six of the walk-throughs below or watch the video for a quick snapshot.


WHAT’S READY?  Your hole should be dug at this time and the foundation will be poured.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Preconstruction Meeting is a really great opportunity for the Personal Builder and the Homeowner get to know each other. The Personal Builder will review all plans and specifications with the homeowner and discuss expectations at the Veridian Homes Design Studio.

Many of the “bells and whistles” are figured out at this point. So, that farmhouse sink or the potfiller that you have been dreaming about, are ensured in your plans. The Personal Builder will go through the plans in great detail; they’ll discuss flooring, door swings, light switches, slope of your driveway, grading, etc. Finally, the Personal Builder will review your homes schedule with you and plan other walk-through dates; they may even schedule the 30-day (post-close) walk-through at this time.


WHAT’S READY?  By this point, your home should be framed, concrete has been poured in the basement and garage.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Electrical Walk-Through, is the first walk-through that takes place at your new home. This is often the most exciting walk-through, as you can really start to visualize your home and the memories it will soon contain. The Personal Builder will take a backseat at this meeting (inspecting framing and utilities), letting the Homeowner discuss electrical and networking needs with our Electrician Trade Partner and Automation Arts representative.

At this time, the Homeowner will discuss many things, such as: outlet placement, light placement, automated lighting, cat 5, coax cables, exterior lights and switches, dimmers, electrical panel, bath fans, USB ports, TV locations (blocking for wall mounts), speakers, thermostat, smart home features and more. It’s a smart idea to think about these items in advance so that you ensure that you cover everything on your electrical and automation wish list.


WHAT’S READY?  Siding might be going up on your home and the tub/shower modules may be in place.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Insulation Walk-Through occurs about a week after electrical walk-through. At this walk-through, the Personal Builder and the Homeowner will go through the electrical checklist and review and confirm all locations in the home. This is your chance to modify what you discussed at your Electrical Walk-Through if needed.

The Personal Builder will also go through an Insulation checklist. This list includes reviewing many features, such as: furnace, electrical panel, all mechanicals, plumbing and heating, register locations, thermostat and doorbell.


WHAT’S READY?  Most of the Design Studio selections should be installed at this point; including, trim, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, tile & wood flooring, lighting, bath fixtures – pretty much everything but carpet.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Trim Walk-Through is such an exciting walk-through. The Homeowner’s selections have come to fruition and they’ll get a true vision of what the home will become. This is really an opportunity for the homeowner to view everything. Please note: some paint touch-ups may need to be done at this point. The Personal Builder will go through the home in great detail during the next walk through, the Home Orientation, which takes place about a week later.


WHAT’S READY?  Everything!

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Home Orientation is a mandatory meeting, as it ensures that the Homeowner understands how to maintain their new home. This is usually the last walk-through prior to closing on your new home. Prior to this meeting, the Personal Builder will have done a thorough pre-walk/multi-point inspection, ensuring that your home meets not only your expectations, but ours too.

The Personal Builder will provide thorough demonstrations of the home’s features. Every component and fixture is reviewed. You’ll learn how to change filters in furnace, where to locate the main water shut-offs, how to disconnect the dishwasher, review garbage disposal mechanics, how the sump pump works, locate and review the electrical panel, locate services provider hook ups and much more.

We want the Homeowner to be comfortable maintaining their new home. We find that this walk-through is helpful for all buyers, whether this is your first home, or your third – everyone can use a refresher. The Personal Builder may also set dates for the 30-Day and 11-Month Post Close Walk-Throughs at this time.


WHAT’S READY?  The keys!

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  The Homecoming is our chance to say: “Welcome Home.” It usually takes place about two days after the Home Orientation and on the same day as closing.

If there were any outstanding issues identified at the Home Orientation, they should have all been completed. At this point, the locks are re-keyed to your keys. No one will have access to your home but you. The Personal Builder will also provide you with a Home Care Capsule, which contains tips on how to maintain your new home and also includes warranty manual items for various components of your home.

Building a home is your dream, and we’re with you, every step of the way, to make sure it comes to fruition.  We hope you enjoy the ride!