It’s time to meet another Veridian expert, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Megan McCarthy, Veridian’s New Product Development Specialist.  Megan has been with Veridian for more than 12 years, she heads up the Architectural Design Team and is an all-around wealth of homebuilding knowledge.  Let’s get to know her!

VH:  Thanks for being our expert today, Megan!  You’re not typically in a customer-facing role, so can you tell us what you do on daily basis?

MM:  You bet!  I head up the Architectural Design Team which is a cross-department team that looks at our existing portfolio and processes for updates and new ideas to enhance our plans and offerings or if something is lacking in size or layout. The main part of my job is to take those ideas and implement them into drawings and pricing for our New Home Specialists, Designers, and Building Information Modelers to use for the building process.

My favorite thing to do is to take a hand drawing by our Architect and bring it to life. I love being able to make something from a 2D drawing become more realistic in our 3D drafting program for our customers to view and then for it to actually be constructed into someone’s home.

VH:  Without giving away anyone’s name do you have a favorite customer story?

MM:  I don’t normally get to work directly with our homeowners. But we had one couple that was very specific in what they wanted. The New Home Specialist thought it might be easier if I attended a meeting to make sure everything was communicated clearly. It was fun to be able to talk through items with the homeowners to make sure in the end they got what they wanted.

VH:  What’s something interesting about yourself that you think would surprise us?

MM:  I used to own my own business making furniture slipcovers, window treatments and reupholstering furniture.

VH:  I never knew that!  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

MM:  Sewing quilts (mostly baby quilts but a few for some dog lovers). I love the creative outlet it gives me to come up with different color and pattern combinations and designs that I hope the receiver will love themselves.

VH:  What do you love about working for Veridian Homes?

MM:  This is a great company to work for. The management really cares about the employees and wants everyone to succeed in their roles. The team is a great bunch of people that aspire to build great homes and to make the experience a wonderful one for the homeowners. We are always looking for ways to make our process smoother for homeowners and also our internal customers.

A big thank you to Megan for agreeing to this!  We hope you enjoyed hearing from her as much as we did.  There are so many people “behind the scenes” here at Veridian, and we love being able to give you a glimpse into their roles.