So many options!  From glitzy chandeliers to polished flush mounts, choosing the perfect light fixtures is…  fun!  Yes, I said “fun”, not “daunting”.  You didn’t think I would say that did you?  I like to think of lighting as the jewelry of the home.  Sometimes you want a set of big statement earrings, queue this guy.  But, sometimes you feel like playing it a bit more aloof, queue this lovely lady.

We’ve rounded up some really great options to consider.  BONUS:  If you are building a Veridian home, these lights all come from our preferred lighting partners (Madison Lighting in Madison and BBC Lighting in Milwaukee), so they can easily become yours.


Splurge:  Brisbane 8-Light Chandelier, current price $998.

Love the draping of those beads! Image via BBC Lighting.

Steal: Armstrong 8-Light Chandelier, current price $358.

Such a cool piece. Loving the modern twist using brass. Image via Madison Lighting.


Splurge: Cobson 3-Light Pendant, current price $410.

A pair of these hovering over your island would look so sleek! Image via Madison Lighting.

Steal: Everly 1-Light Pendant, current price $202.

Glass is visually unobtrusive, but still makes a wonderful statement. Image via BBC Lighting.


Splurge: Crystal Persuasion 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount, current price $270.60.

Love the simple glass detail paired with a clean drum shade. Image via BBC Lighting.

Steal: Lytham 3-Light Flush Mount, current price $231.

Simple and understated, just the way we like our flush mounts. Image via Madison Lighting.


Splurge:  Jillian 1-Light Sconce, current price $178.

This almost feels like a vintage piece, no? Image via Madison Lighting.

Steal:  O Hara 1-Light Sconce, current price $90.20.

This just feels so timeless and elegant to me. Image via BBC Lighting.

Well, that’s a wrap!  What are your favorites??  For some really great lighting in the flesh, be sure to check out Veridian’s furnished models.  You really do need to see the modern pendants in The Hoffman located in Smith’s Crossing.  Happy lighting!