Summer is winding down, and for many, that means it’s time to prep those kiddos to head back to school! Whether your child is remote learning or starting the school year off in the classroom, they’ll likely need a physical workspace at home that they can deem their own. We know this is a complicated time, so we put together some simple ideas, tips and tricks to help get you and your child ready for the impending school year. After all, we’re in this together!

First things first, carve out a space based on your child’s age and learning style. Set up a physical location that’s dedicated to school – this can be in a flex room, a daily station in the kitchen, or even just a corner in the bedroom or basement. Wherever it ends up being, make sure it’s quiet, free from distractions and a place your child can enjoy being for extended periods of time.

Image via our 1000 Oaks furnished model.

Secondly, gather the essentials – a desk or hard surfaced workspace, a comfortable chair, a reliable internet connection and the items that your child will most use. For example, if you have a toddler, you’ll want to stock up on art supplies and sensory items. If you have a teenager, you’ll likely be investing in technology and all of the gadgets that come with it.

Image via our retired Silver Spring Estates furnished model.

Next up, let’s get organized! There is currently a lot of chaos happening in the world, not to mention in our own lives with constantly changing schedules and routines. We promise that getting organized will make things feel a little more under control, even if they aren’t.

Image via our Cathedral Point furnished model.

Lastly, let your child help set up their workspace. Take care of the essentials and allow them to do the rest. Providing your child with a space that is all their own to focus and be inspired will hopefully allow them to feel that traditional back to school buzz as they settle into their new workspace and start a new chapter.

Image via our Juniper Ridge furnished model.

If you’re a parent working from home while your child learns nearby, take a look at Chelsey’s tips on creating a shared office-playroom space. And don’t forget to take care yourself as well, this has been hard on all of us and it’s important that we not only show our support to one another, but also to ourselves. Cheers to new chapters and hopefully a better year ahead!