My homework for today’s blog post was to come up with three different sets of selections for three different kitchens using our brand-new Kitchen Visualizer.  Let me tell you, I spent far too long visualizing my kitchen options for this post…  WOW you guys, it was so much fun to see my kitchen aspirations come to life!  You really do need to check it out for yourself.

I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone with this, I am normally an all-white kitchen fan (i.e. white cabinets, white island, white counters, white paint and white backsplash).  You’ll notice below that I did still incorporate a lot of white into my kitchens, but hey, that’s just me.  If you don’t like it, no hard feelings here, head to our Kitchen Visualizer and design your own dream kitchen.  Here’s what I came up with.

The Jackson Kitchen

I dipped my toes into the water here.  My Jackson kitchen features all white perimeter cabinets and a painted “seal” island.  It has a classic white subway tile backsplash, with a stormy quartz countertop.  I love this flooring choice; it might just be my favorite.  I know that weathered flooring is all the rage right now, but a classic, warmer mid-toned floor is still my first choice.  Again, feel free to disagree with me, and get on that visualizer!  I envision this kitchen having matte black cabinet hardware, a more modern long-neck faucet and some statement pendant lighting.

My Jackson Kitchen Selections:

  • Base Cabinet Finish:  Cloud
  • Upper Cabinet Finish:  Cloud
  • Island Cabinet Finish:  Seal
  • Countertop:  Quartz Silhouette
  • Island Countertop:  Quartz Silhouette
  • Flooring:  Shaw Lazio Arancia
  • Backsplash Tile: Subway Tile, White 3”x6”
  • Wall Paint: Cloud
  • Trim Finish: Cloud


The Conrad Kitchen

The Conrad is my favorite plan of ours, so this one was especially fun for me.  I’ve been loving the more recent trend of incorporating olive-toned kitchen cabinetry and this allowed me to explore how it would look in real life.  I love it!  I think if it were all green, it might seem a bit too heavy.  So I tried adding in a soft white kitchen island with a white marbled quartz counter.  This island was like the cherry on top for me, so good!  When thinking about hardware for this kitchen, I think you could go a few different ways, polished nickel, brass and matte black could all work well.  A more formal faucet, like the Kohler Bellera faucet would fit in nicely too.   I’m also thinking white and gold globe pendants for this home would be really fun.

My Conrad Kitchen Selections:

  • Base Cabinet Finish:  Rock Garden
  • Upper Cabinet Finish:  Rock Garden
  • Island Cabinet Finish:  Heather
  • Countertop:  Quartz Strato
  • Island Countertop:  Quartz Strato
  • Flooring:  Shaw Lazio Riva
  • Backsplash Tile: MosaicArt Epic, White 1”x3”
  • Wall Paint: Heather
  • Trim Finish: Cloud


The Sawyer Kitchen

The Sawyer is one of our smaller footprint floorplans, I love that this kitchen still packs a bold punch.  The dark cabinetry starkly contrasts with the white island creating a stunning look.  I tried out a more non-traditional subway tile here, 4”x12” – I think it works really well.  It’s somewhat hard to see, but I did add in a warm taupe-y perimeter countertop to compliment the warmth in the flooring.  Differentiating your perimeter and island countertops is a fun way to make your kitchen look really custom without breaking your budget.  As for hardware, I’d go with a deep bronze and maybe some matte white pendants with a cone shade.

My Sawyer Kitchen Selections:

  • Base Cabinet Finish:  Coal
  • Upper Cabinet Finish:  Coal
  • Island Cabinet Finish:  Heather
  • Countertop:  Quartz Tiffany Gray
  • Island Countertop:  Special Finish Laminate Calacatta Marble
  • Flooring:  Shaw Lazio Cocco
  • Backsplash Tile: Subway Tile, Biscuit 4”x12”
  • Wall Paint: Heather
  • Trim Finish: Cloud


Well, which kitchen is your favorite??  Head over to our just-launched Kitchen Visualizer and design your OWN dream kitchen.  If you decide to show it to your friends on social, make sure to tag us (@VeridianHomes), we’d love to see what you come up with!