What makes a good neighbor? Is it having the best Halloween candy on the block? An impeccable yard? The friendliest smile, or the best recipe at the communal cookout? While we’d argue that all of those things are quite nice, it’s really the individuals who go above and beyond on a regular basis for others that make the best neighbors.

National Good Neighborhood Day is this Saturday, September 28. Originally created as a day to recognize the importance of a good neighbor, we’re capitalizing on this holiday by celebrating the best of the best in our neighborhoods. So, tell us, who are your favorite neighbors and why do they deserve to be honored on this special day? Big or small stories, meaningful actions and/or generous gestures, we want to hear them all!

To enter the neighbor of your choice, leave a comment below, or send us an email at hello@veridianhomes.com to tell us why you appreciate all that your neighbor or neighbors do for you and the neighborhood that you live in. All submissions must be entered by Friday, October 4 and a winner will be chosen by Friday, October 11. The winning nominee will receive a fall themed gift basket, chalked full of goodies and perfect for sharing with their fellow neighbors…ahem, you!