That’s right, we’re releasing 56 homesites tomorrow, Thursday, August 13, 2020!  23 will be on Madison’s East side in Village at Autumn Lake and 33 will be on Madison’s West side in Acacia Ridge.  So be ready!

You might be thinking how do I snatch up a homesite?  Talk with your New Home Specialist for full details, but I’ll give you the gist of it below.

Step One:  Select your homesite.  

Review the neighborhood map, or plat map, and figure out which homesite would best suit your needs.  I’d suggest driving out to the property either on your own or with your New Home Specialist and map out where the homesite will be – this will give you a better sense of the space overall.  Think about what is important to you, i.e. will it fit my favorite home plan?  is it facing the direction I want it to face?  is it a corner lot?  or near a park?  Once you’ve found that perfect homesite, then move on to Step Two.

Step Two:  Submit an intent on your homesite.

An intent is perfect because it reserves your homesite for when you’re ready to build, but is also great for those non-committal types…  So if you  decide building might not be your thing, and you want to purchase a move-in ready home instead, you’ll get your money back.  One thing to remember with an intent, is that it does hold the homesite for you, but not forever…  You’ll have a limited amount of time to sign the build contract.  If someone else really wants your homesite, they can submit an offer on it, but you will have first dibs.

i.e. If someone says, “Hey I want to build a Jackson on homesite #123”, but you have an intent on homesite 123.  Your New Home Specialist will let you know someone has submitted an offer.  You can say (a): “I’m ready to build, let’s sign my contract now” or (b): “Now’s not the time for me, please cancel my intent and let’s look at a different homesite”.

That’s really all there is to it.  Now, back to the matter at hand, there are 56 homesites being released with pricing tomorrow – yes, 56!  If you want in on one of these, be ready with your intent and talk to a New Home Specialist now so that they can queue it up and get your homesite reserved right away before it gets snatched up by someone else.

So which ones are up for grabs tomorrow?

23 Homesites on Madison’s East side: Village at Autumn Lake

The homesites being released tomorrow, include 21 single-family and 2 twin homesites.  They are homesites:  529-530, 543-547, 706-709, 1120-1129; the twins are located at 541-542.  Reference them on the plat map below.  Learn more about Village at Autumn Lake here.

33 Homesites on Madison’s West side: Acacia Ridge

The homesites being released tomorrow include 33 single-family homesites.  They are homesites:  31-37, 50-56, 65-74, 90-92, 100-105.  Reference them on the plat map below.  Learn more about Acacia Ridge here.

If you’re in the market to build on one of these homesites, make sure to connect with your New Home Specialist now so that they can get your intent locked in for you right away.  Don’t have a New Home Specialist yet?  No problem, call us at 608.226.3000 or email us at, and we’ll connect you.  Good luck!